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As a professional Personal Fitness Trainer, Health/Wellness Coach, lifestyle+Mommy blogger, Imari understands that a big part of wellness can be attributed to physical fitness, however, it takes having balance in your Physical, Mental, and Emotional health to gain complete wellness and self care. 


Moms and women specifically do a great deal throughout the day. Women have to learn and remind themselves how to do basic things like take a break, stretch, practice healthy eating habits, and so much more. A large part of self-care commitment is not only doing something “nice" for yourself but making sure you are replenishing all of the care and love you give to your children, partners, family, staff, jobs, career daily. 


Imari has a combined 16 years of experience in health and fitness. From following her first love as a professional dancer in world-renowned dance ensembles to training under a master yoga instructor, and gaining her fitness certificate, she knows the fitness world from every angle. Imari is passionate about helping people transform their lives by showing them how to gain the tools to practice wellness daily, and live a happy/healthy, and fulfilled life.


Imari offers custom workout regimes, tailored meal plans, and individualized coaching to help you build healthy habits. She's also a virtual trainer which means you can fit in your workouts without a trip to the gym- feeling confident in the comfort of your own home while achieving the fitness/wellness goals you deserve.

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