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SunFlo wellness is not your average waist Beads provider.

Facts about SunFlo:

SunFlo DOES NOT have ready made beads for order.

ALL SunFlo beads are CUSTOM order only.

SunFlo bead strands are made with products to allow for maximum flexibility/comfortability...(easy to slip on and off).

SunFlo creator/founder Imari Alaji, has been studying the art, tradition, culture, healing, wellness, spiritual and physical benefits of waist beads for over 20 years...

SunFlo waist beads are made with high quality precious stones/crystals.

I do not order crystals in bulk, I hand pick all crystals/stones and beads.

SunFlo Wellness beads are designed to aid in healing from the inside/out.

SunFlo Wellness beads are designed to aid in weight and waist tracking. Track your weight and fitness progress with our authentic waist beads.

SunFlo Wellness beads are thoughtfully designed to withstand the friction created by your clothing and still remain comfortable.

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